We Help Creators find Growth By Using Digital Marketing Services

If you have ever created anything – a product, a service, or a community – kudos. You’ve done something that most people are too scared to begin. It’s time we built you an army of buyers using our digital marketing services. Welcome to SEO Elixir – we’re a full-service digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

Which Digital Marketing Services Are Right For You?

At SEO Elixir, we offer a complete range of digital marketing services. But which one do you need? 

It’s OK not to know exactly what you need. That’s our job with the marketing strategy. We’re just glad that some search engine led you to us.

Heads up: everything we do is led by digital marketing strategy. We don’t just do things that pay our bills. The SEO Elixir way is to care for your hard-earned money.

By the way, Search Engine Optimization isn’t the only thing we do here. Whether it’s a campaign on Facebook or Google, we know our stuff.


Understand Your Target Audience and Where to Find Them

  • Discover who your ideal customers are
  • Craft the messaging that your target audience responds to
  • Uncover a profitable online price for PPC campaigns
  • Generate brand awareness from your online presence

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Spy On Your Competitors and Learn their Secrets

  • Uncover the most lucrative keywords in your niche
  • Find out how your competitors are advertising
  • Position your brand online to make 6-figure sales
  • Disrupt your market using strategic pay-per-click ads

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Create Your Own Bubble of Influence

  • Identify the right online connections to make
  • Position your brand to bring in more business
  • Create lead generating assets with high conversion rates
  • Nurture an army of super-fans and potential customers

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Earn Happy, Loyal Customers

  • Create tiny lists of people who need your business
  • Get reviews and feedback from your customers
  • Turn your customers into tiny referral machines
  • Earn publicity for catering to your tribe

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Make Small Changes with a Huge Impact

  • Set specific goals for your ads that improve your business
  • Engage in digital marketing campaigns that guarantee ROI
  • Define achievements and be realistic about growth
  • Set a timeline for your achievements

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What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Take a look at our digital marketing services. You might not need all these services. That’s why we do a digital marketing strategy first. We’re called SEO Elixir, but that doesn’t mean that we tell everyone to do Search Engine Optimization.

Responsive Web Designing

Don’t miss out on mobile!
Get a responsive website designed by pros.


Get seen and visited by people searching for your services online.

Search Advertising

Generate hot leads for your business by leveraging Search Engine PPC Campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Harness the true power of Social Media. Get seen as a thought leader and not a seller.

Content Marketing

Stand out from the rest with the help of well-researched, quality content. Market smarter!

Email Marketing

Reach your target audience’s email inbox. Leverage email marketing with us.

Marketing Collateral

Create a memorable and consistent brand identity with custom marketing collateral.

Mobile Marketing

Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with your users where they are most active?

E-Commerce Marketing

Have something to sell, but don’t know how? Talk to our E-Commerce marketing experts!

We Know That the Customer is Always Right!

And ours say that we’re the best full-service digital marketing agency in India!

Within the first month, we had our Marketing Strategy for Brand Awareness ready. By the end of the year, we were generating 3x the revenue of our competitors at that stage.

Deep Bannerjee

CEO, KNotforSale

SEO Elixir creates content and digital marketing campaigns with a purpose. Not only is their content engaging, but it also has a definite impact on the business as a whole. I happily recommend their services.

Shamnas CV

Co-Founder, Socialhoox

I was still struggling with my transition from offline to online marketing services. I didn’t see the potential customers I could get from inbound marketing. But thanks to SEO Elixir, my website was developed smoothly.

Sourav Chowdhury

Founder, Creative Waves India

Like Any Self-Respecting
Digital Marketing Agency, We’re On Social Media

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t post content because an “influencer” said so. At SEO Elixir, we create content that helps change the way people see marketing.

In short: we’re on Social because we’re social.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no silly questions. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Digital Marketing Agency in India. If you still have some more, feel free to reach out to us.

What Makes Your Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata Different from the Rest?

At SEO Elixir, we aim to create a Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata that adds value to the world. Unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies in India, we do not use a single “simple recipe for success.” We tailor specific campaigns for each client. This way, we keep growing as our clients keep growing.

What is the Biggest Challenge to Digital Marketing Services?

The biggest problem that we face as a Digital Marketing Agency in India is dealing with unrealistic expectations. Clients want to get to the top in a matter of days. We understand the enthusiasm, but getting proper results require time. At SEO Elixir, we work on Lead Generation, Branding, and Authority at the same time for balanced growth and not a one-time growth in web traffic.

Do we Have Access to a Single Person or to the entire team?

At SEO Elixir, we assign a Digital Marketing consultant to communicate with you. At the same time, you also get unrestricted access to all our team leads in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Ad Campaign, Content Marketing, and Collateral Marketing divisions.

How Many Leads Can I Expect from You and How do I fix that Budget?

No digital marketing company can predict the exact number of leads beforehand. The number of quality leads depends primarily on content which you probably do not have right now. It also depends on your target keywords, the value of your ad offers, and your existing competition.

At SEO Elixir, we draft a complete proposal for your Digital Marketing needs along with a proposed budget that is quite flexible. Together, we can figure everything out.

How do You Measure Success for your Marketing Efforts?

We have some key parameters that we fix based on your business and our initial conversation with you. At SEO Elixir, we only count the numbers that count. We have a transparent system that allows you to be a part of everything we do.

What types of companies do you usually serve?

Our Digital Marketing Agency in India serves clients across several verticals. We understand that each business has individual requirements. As a result, we serve small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, and with equal zeal.

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