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About Travel and Tourism Websites

The Significance Of Travel And Tourism Industry In India

The tourism industry is one of the major contributors to the Indian G.D.P. According to the recent survey conducted by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism industry in India generated about U.S dollar 440 billion (which accounts to 9.6% of the nation’s G.D.P) in the last fiscal year. Besides this, the industry generated about 40 million jobs (about 9.3% of the total employment) in the country. Experts predict that the tourism industry in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.8% per year till 2027. Recent data says Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh are among the most-visited states, while Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra, Jaipur are the top five cities that have attracted travel enthusiasts not only from India but also from all parts of the globe.

 Why Should You Invest In Building A Travel Website?

The travel and tourism Industry in India has developed to such an extent that the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report has ranked India among the top forty countries out of the one-hundred and thirty-six participating nations. According to industry experts, cheap airfare and abundant ground transport infrastructure are the two main reasons behind India’s stupendous growth in the field of travel and tourism in the recent years. The active participation of the hotel aggregators, fintech companies, online travel companies, and organized travel agents are also contributing to the development of tourism industry in India. And with the induction of the ‘digital India campaign’ on 1st July 2015 by the Government of India, the industry is gradually shifting towards a digital platform. Consumer behaviour is also changing along with it.

Tourists, nowadays, prefer to visit a website of their travel partner before booking any trip. Owing to this reason, travel agents are now building and designing their own website listing all their services and packaged tours. So if you are keen on starting your own travel agency or already running one, then a well-designed and maintained website is a must. Keep reading to know about the top five advantages of a travel website –

  • Portrays A Brief Summary Of The Area – The tourists can easily get a deep insight into the area just by visiting the website. All the important places are highlighted along with description, details, weather, the best time to visit, etc. These details, in turn, help the tourists to plan their trip in a better and cost-effective manner.
  • Provides Lodging Recommendations – Selecting a hotel or a resort is not at all an easy task. Travel websites can help tourists to get the best deal as per their budget. A well-designed travel website offers free lodging recommendations to their clients (along with links to hotel/ booking websites) so that they can enjoy every moment of their trip.
  • Comes Integrated with Maps and Guides – Sightseeing can be a difficult task without the availability of maps and guides. A properly designed travel website always come integrated with maps and instructions for helping the tourists to reach the destination via the shortest possible route.
  • Enlists all Recreation and Outdoor Activities – A travel website enlists all the nearby tourist attractions. Each and every detail including entry fee and timing can be found here. Tourists who are visiting for the first time can easily plan their trip on the basis of these information.
  • Travel Tips – Tips from experienced travellers are of immense importance. Tourists who are planning their trip to a particular place can easily read the comments, experiences, and travel stories on the website from the ones who have already been to that place. All these details help them to plan their trip properly.

A travel website is, therefore, a must for every company offering packaged tours. There remains no doubt that it can boost the sales considerably. So if you are already feeling excited about designing your own travel website, then just click on the ‘Contact Us’ button to know more about our exciting packages.

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