Welcome to the World’s Biggest Rat Race – SEO

How big can you go with your local store or the bus stop standee? You’re missing out on a ton of exposure for your brand right now. And guess what? Your competitors are taking full advantage of that. Also, most of your consumers are now online… and feeling really disconnected from you.

We Want You to Know that SEO Really Works

SEO can get your business more Visibility, Lead Generation, Profit Maximizing, and Repeat Purchases:


  • Even if… you’ve struggled with SEO in the past
  • Even if… you’ve never heard of SEO
  • Even if… you’re completely overwhelmed with marketing
  • Even if… you’ve thought to yourself “SEO just doesn’t work”

What Can SEO Elixir Do for Your Website’s SEO?

  • Visibility: Get found online by thousands of potential customers searching for your services/products.
  • Lead Generation: Get people to come chasing your business instead of cold-calling random phone numbers.
  • Profit Maximizing: Use the power of search to lower acquisition costs and maximizing profits.
  • Repeat Purchases: Keep doubling or even tripling your sales by getting your existing customers to buy again.

How We Do Things Here

Test-Tube Elixir: Strategy and Discovery

  • Profile the Minimum Viable Audience
  • Discover the Buyer Journey
  • Design the Perfect Value Proposition
  • Align Business Goals with Marketing Outcomes
  • Outline a Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Identify if SEO is the Most Lucrative Channel
  • Document a Clear Roadmap

Pricing Structure: One-Time Only.

Minimum Level of Engagement: $1,000


Coffee-Mug Elixir: Strategy and Discovery + Execution

  • Everything in Test-Tube Elixir
  • Intensive Lead Generation Plan
  • Tactical Search Positioning Plan
  • Powerful Traffic Generation Plan
  • Content Creation and Promotion
  • Transparent Monthly Reporting

Pricing Structure: One-Time Fee for Strategy and Discovery.

Monthly Retainer for Execution and Delivery.

Minimum Level of Engagement: $1,000 (one-time) + $800 (monthly retainer)


Big-Barrel Elixir: Strategy and Discovery + Execution + Training and Workshops

  • Everything in Coffee-Mug Elixir
  • Training In-House Personnel
  • Workshops for Digital Empowerment
  • Live Events Marketing


Pricing Structure: One-Time Fee for Strategy and Discovery, and Training and Workshops.

Monthly Retainer for Execution and Delivery.

Minimum Level of Engagement: $1,000 (one-time) + $800 (monthly retainer)

What’s Next for You?

  • Stage 1: Understand your business, discover your audience, research your competitors
  • Stage 2: Formulate ways to grow your business
  • Stage 3: Execute the plan
  • Stage 4: Find new ways to keep growing

Is Your Agency Missing Out On Any SEO Opportunities?

Most SEO Agencies keep asking their clients to keep publishing a bunch of posts and creating nonsense backlinks. This is a publish and pray methodology that never works.

At SEO Elixir, we follow a publish and promote methodology so that your content keeps generating more and more traction.

Check out our Free Ebook to learn exactly what we mean.

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Top Reasons to Not Hire Us

  • We’re too expensive: You’re probably right. But we’re worth every penny. We pride ourselves in helping our customer grow. Don’t you want to grow?
  • We don’t show up when you Google “SEO Services”: That’s very possible. Think about this for an instant – you still found us, though, right? Does it really matter how you found us?
  • We don’t have enough experience: That’s very possible. We don’t have a subject matter expert in-house. But do you want to do the exact same thing as everyone else out there? Or are you open to fresh ideas?
  • We don’t know anything about your industry: That’s OK. You know a lot about your industry, right? We can translate your knowledge and insights into something that the average workaday man can understand.
  • We don’t sound like the right people for the job: Maybe we’re not. Hit us up anyway. We could probably refer you to someone else in the industry.
  • We’re not what you need: We wish you all the very best in all your endeavors. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this far into our content. If you ever reconsider, please do think of us. If someone you know needs us, please do refer us to them.

If you still want us as your strategic partner, hit us up. We’ll get along really well. And we’ll both grow richer while doing it.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are no silly questions. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Digital Marketing Agency in India. If you still have some more, feel free to reach out to us.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC Marketing is a method of paid advertising of products and services on certain platforms. The advertiser pays the platform which runs their ads every time someone clicks on the ad. There are some variants where the advertiser pays for each time someone views the ad or when someone buys a product from the ad.

The most popular platforms for PPC Marketing are Search Engines and Social Media Sites such as:


  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
How can PPC Management help my business?

PPC Management Services can help your business grow in the same way as a prime-time TV advertisement. The biggest upside of PPC is that it brings a much greater ROI and a much lower risk. You pay only when a lead is generated. In some cases, you pay only when a lead is closed! Conventional marketing can never guarantee the same.

Where can people see my advertisements?

Where your target audience finds you is entirely based on how we advertise. For Facebook Ads, your customers will find you on Facebook. For Google ads, there are different kinds of ads that get posted in different places. Check out our pages on each service to understand it better:

Google Search Ads
Google Display Ads
Google Shopping Ads
YouTube Ads
Facebook Ads
Facebook Shopping Ads
Bing Search Ads
Bing Shopping Ads
Twitter Ads
Quora Ads
LinkedIn Ads

How much do I have to spend on PPC Marketing?

PPC Marketing is based on keywords in your industry that have varying costs. For instance, the keyword ‘how to build a website’ has 9.9K searches a month with over 2 billion search results. Each click on an advertisement with this keyword costs $17.79.

But this is a meaningless keyword to advertise for. It would be much more logical to build a campaign around ‘how to build an e-commerce website’ which has a CPC of $33.11 and a search volume of 480 per month.

So, the end cost is billed as:

R&D Costs + Campaign Setup and Execution Costs + Monthly Reporting Costs + Ad Budget

Why Should I hire an PPC Agency and not do it myself?

It is very easy to waste a lot of money very quickly on PPC ads. The real reason why you would pay a PPC Management agency is not to set up an ad. Anyone with internet access and a little bit of marketing background can do that. The main reason you need to hire a team of professionals is to optimize the ads and bring in as many leads as possible by spending as little as possible.

What impact does PPC have on my website's SEO?

This is a tricky one to answer. While PPC Marketing has no direct SEO impacts (positive or negative), it can impact SEO indirectly. PPC Marketing Services can bring in a lot of traffic to your website. Google observes several critical factors such as Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate, Conversion Ration, and Session Time to judge the quality of the traffic.

If it decides that the traffic in your website is genuinely interested in what you have to sell then you see a sharp rise in Organic rankings as well.

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