A Sneak Peek Into the Life of SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is probably one of the most in-demand skills these days. The biggest problem with hiring an SEO content writer is trust.

That’s right –  trust.

Who do you trust your business with?

Today, we have with us reputed SEO content writer and successful affiliate marketer – Nikola Roza!

Interview With Nikola Roza: SEO Content Writing Superstar 1

Interview With:

Nikola Roza,
SEO Content Writer and Affiliate Marketer,
SEO for the Poor and Determined

Interviewed By:

Nirvana Guha,
CEO, SEO Elixir

Date: 13 April 2019

Nirvana: Can you please give our readers a small intro about yourself?


Hi everyone!

My name is Nikola Roza, I’m from Serbia, a small European country (Novak Djokovic is also from Serbia).

On my blog, I write about SEO, WordPress and how to build a stable, near-passive online business based on affiliate marketing.

I’m also a freelance SEO writer and that is my main job until my site picks up steam.

Nirvana: That sounds amazing! What does a typical day in the week look like for you?


I get up at 5 AM to the dot.

I exercise and drink two cups of coffee.

Then I get to work, with client work being a priority.

I work until 12.30PM, which is when I take a walk.

I get back and work some more until 16 PM.

Then I take an obligatory 30m siesta to recharge my batteries and after that, I’m done working and can dedicate myself to leisurely activities.

Note- I also take meal breaks and I rest when needed. I’m not a machine! (smiley face)

Of course, this is my “ideal day”, but they are far and between.

Instead, I often work all day, and then there are days where I feel blue and get hit with fits of depression. Then I don’t work at all but wait for it to pass.

If you’ve never had bouts of depression, I can tell you- it’s scary. You can’t work; you can’t think; and it seems the sky is going to fall on your head and kill you on the spot, tiny as you are.

Luckily, those days are rare now:)

If you’ve never had bouts of depression, I can tell you- it’s scary. You can’t work; you can’t think; and it seems the sky is going to fall on your head and kill you on the spot, tiny as you are.

Nikola Roza


Nirvana: I know exactly what you mean, Nikola. This is true for profiles other than SEO content writing as well. I try to relax on days like that. What do you do to relax?


I really like to walk.

So, when I’m stressed or just tired from writing and managing my business, I take a hike and feel better afterward. Especially if the weather is fine, not too sunny as to be unbearable, not too cold as to be uncomfortable.

And I like quietude, so I usually hike on roads that lead out of my town.

It’s peaceful, and nature inspires me, so when I get back I feel renewed and ready to work some more.

I also like to read.

Currently, I’m reading “The Count of Monte Cristo”, a classic tale of revenge and forgiveness, and I’m crazy about it.

Before that, I read Jane Eyre from Charlotte Bronte, and next, I think I’ll read something by Charles Dickens, but I haven’t decided what yet.

Nirvana: I just eat, sleep, and get fatter! Anyway… How’d you get into the world of Search Marketing?


It was by necessity, at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. My mother was terribly sick and dying. We were extremely poor family and were living in a very poor country where you can’t get work unless you pay for it.

I didn’t know where to turn to but the internet, because I heard people were making money online and I wanted to earn enough money to save her.

I failed.

For three reasons.

#1- I knew absolutely nothing about any form of online marketing.

I didn’t know what WordPress is, and the first time I heard the term “SEO” I was confused and thought it has something to do with rocket ships.

(True story– that “engine” part confused me because I got the idea of something grandiose, like a space ship)

#2- I got scammed, a lot.

There are too many scams online, and I was clueless.

So Id’ borrow money from my friend in the US and “invest” into some program that would then proceed to eat my money away.

That happened several times until I wised up to the fact.


#3- It was too late for my mother

She had rampaging cancer that would’ve been hard to stop even if had enough money. So it was too late for her.

However, at that time I first heard of affiliate marketing and how it is a legitimate way to earn online.

Not some quick scheme, but a stable online business.

So in 2016, I went to work as a fruit picker (I picked raspberries, blueberries, grapes, apples…) and I pooled away some money to invest in myself.

First I joined The Wealthy Affiliate University. They’re the ones who taught me the basics of affiliate marketing and how to do it ethically and successfully.

The rest of the money I invested in hosting and domain name and my site was born on 4.12. 2017.

The rest is history.

About my site:

The full name is “Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined” and the name is imbued with meaning.

After my mother died, I was poor.

  • poor on money,
  • poor on true friends (but I had an abundance of false friends)
  • poor on relatives who all conveniently disappeared right at the time when hunger pangs became unbearable.

But I was also determined.

I had decided that I will not back down and be broken by unfortunate circumstances that I did nothing to cause; and that yet happened to me as if I was the worst person in the universe.

No! It was just bad luck.

And I can conquer that.

I was determined to succeed and as time passes and I inch away from disaster and towards my goal – I see I was right.

To cut this short- my site and tagline have a meaning and my site is here to help those who’re in the same position I was.

Don’t give up!

After my mother died, I was poor.

  • poor on money,
  • poor on true friends (but I had an abundance of false friends)
  • poor on relatives who all conveniently disappeared right at the time when hunger pangs became unbearable.

But I was also determined.

Nikola Roza


Nirvana: Oh, wow.
That hit home.

That hit me HARD. It’s remarkable how tough you are.

But personal heartbreak isn’t the only thing to deal with.

With so many people into affiliate marketing and SEO content writing, how can newbies get into the game without getting completely heartbroken?


It’s all about having the right expectations.

If you get into affiliate marketing thinking you’re going to make your first million by the end of month 3, then you’re bound to feel dejected, disappointed and angry when that time passes and you haven’t earned a dime.

But if you go into it knowing that it’s a process that will see you be happy after you’ve earned your first dollar; and that will see you jumping from excitement after you’ve made your first recurring commission and your first $100 sale.

Then you can’t be disappointed and heartbroken because you know it’s a journey you signed up for, and all meaningful journeys are composed of thousands of smaller steps, right?

Again- if you know what to expect, and are STILL raring to go- you will succeed.

If not… you know the alternative.

Nirvana: That’s so true. Speaking of expectations, what do you look for in any SEO content writing client?


I’m a freelance SEO writer for hire and I can write about pretty much anything. So the topic is never a problem for me.

However, I do require that the company (mainly SEO agencies) I work with is legit and not some scammers.

So I only accept work if I can find positive reviews about them, and also a bit of history behind them.

So I will not work for an SEO agency that was founded yesterday.

I also demand half the pay upfront via PayPal.

That is fair to me and to them because I always deliver on my work.

Nirvana: Could you share a story where you absolutely HATED your client? (No need to mention brand specifics)


I’m a freelance SEO writer and so my clients usually give me writing gigs.

There was this one time when I was writing articles for some gambling site (so gambling niche).

They were very simple, 500-word articles that had focus keywords I needed to build my article around.

The problem?

The problem is that these people insisted that I match to the tee their imaginary ideal keyword density (which was 3%)

The problem is that keyword was a 5-word phrase and it was literally impossible to insert that keyword 15 times in a 500-word and to make it readable.

I tried to explain it to them, but of course- they wouldn’t listen.

I don’t hold it against them because they have their orders too, but it was up to me as a writer to make it happen

And what did I do?

Instead of writing 500-word articles, I increased the word count to 1000 words (for the same pay)

This allowed me to write decent articles with “ideal” keyword density.

It was frustrating, I admit, but I stuck to my guns which is always writing the best article possible.

So I’m pleased with myself about how I handled the situation.

Nirvana: How about a success story? (Again, no brand specifics needed)


I had a gambling client that asked me to review 46 online slot games, all within 1500 words.


That’s what I told them and then they increased the word count to 3500 words.

But when I started writing, I wrote and wrote, and realizing half-way that 3500 words will not do – I made a decision.

I exploded and gave them a 6500-word guide they definitely didn’t expect.

They were thrilled and I got me a steady client.

Later they told me it was basically a coin toss between me and another excellent writer, and me writing that monster guide was what convinced them I was the writer to go with.

So yeah, it was partly luck, and partially my stubbornness to never ever deliver an inferior article.

They told me it was basically a coin toss between me and another excellent writer, and me writing that monster guide was what convinced them I was the writer to go with.

So yeah, it was partly luck, and partially my stubbornness to never ever deliver an inferior article.

Nikola Roza


Nirvana: What is the #1 way to tap into an awesome audience?


It’s SEO and specifically- targeting an extra small niche, a micro niche.

Let me explain.

SEO is great because you get targeted, relevant traffic. Folks who’re looking for exactly what you’re offering.

That’s the traffic that responds the best to your content, and the one that converts extremely well

You also need to be targeting an extremely small group of people. A subset of a small niche.

A micro niche.

Because of 2 reasons:

#1- The smaller the niche, the more people are passionate about the topic.

Whenever your site shows up and offers the answer for exactly their type of problem and ONLY that, it instantly stands out from other sites that cover this mini niche, but also a hundred different ones.

Note- Keep in mind. You’re starting small but you won’t stay small forever.

#2- Micro niche sites are easy to rank for, even today when SEO has become ultra competitive.

So you can use that minor niche to anchor your site with some targeted traffic and some early profits. And then you can expand from there.

Time is crucial here.

You want to get your site going as soon as possible. Even if it means getting only a few hundred targeted visitors per month.

That’s ok- it’ll grow quickly from there.

That was all theory, how about an example from my site?

I have a micro niche of “WordPress plugins that help with SEO“.

Basically, it’s my take on WordPress tutorials of popular plugins, but with the added twist of showing people how each plugin can be used to boost SEO.

So my micro niche is “people who are creative and willing to try and learn better SEO”.

And initial results are highly positive. I don’t get too much traffic because my site is still young and a side thing to me, but my posts get shared a lot and it seems to me that everyone who visits one of my WordPress SEO plugins posts, leaves a comment.

That’s a good omen that I found a place where to settle and from where to expand.

And expand I shall since I have big plans and I never give up on my dreams.

Nirvana: I believe that you bring all your dreams to fruition, Nikola. Name three things that are on your bucket list.


#1- I want to spend some time living in Japan.

I’m fascinated by their culture, language, history, and customs.

Fun fact- I learn Japanese every day by watching one episode of some anime (currently Neon Genesis Evangelion). It’s a way for me to stay close to the language and absorb it, piece by piece.

Yes, it takes a lot of time but I’m enjoying the process and am not in a rush since my focus now is on my business and nothing else.

#2- I want to travel the world as a coffee taster.

My dream is to try every gourmet coffee under the sun. Because, as you guessed it – coffee is my favorite drink.

#3- When I’m older I want to retire to an inhabited tropical island and live out my days in peace, quiet and tranquility.

If you know who Master Roshi is, and where he lives, you can imagine the island, the sea, the sun…

There as you see my wishes mostly revolve around traveling and exploring the world. That’s because I’m not materialistic at all.

For me – money is just the means to an end.

Nirvana: That is the most relatable bucket list ever! Thank you for such a beautiful session. I really wish you all the love and luck in the world, my friend. Do good, be good, and keep being awesome!

Wrapping Up


Nikola Roza, everyone! If you ever have ANY SEO content writing requirements, please do check out his website: Nikola Roza – SEO for the Poor and Determined.

My heartfelt gratitude to Nikola for taking the time to indulge in an interview with me.  You can find him on Twitter, so make sure to follow him for more awesome content. The world may know him as an expert SEO Content Writer, but I know that he curates a ton of excellent content on Twitter too.

Stay tuned for more exciting news exclusives. Share this interview with more people and come back next week as we get real with some more awesome people in the industry. Until next time!

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