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Find out everything about SEOElixir. The people behind it, the way we do things, what to expect from us, and our projects so far. Take a peek behind the curtain to see the magic in action.

market Research

You put in a lot of time, money, and effort into Digital Marketing. But how do you know if your efforts are paying off? This is something you need to know about us – we do expert market research in everything we do.

If we create a new website, we check out other websites that are already successful in order to create something even better. In terms of SEO, we take keyword research and analysis very seriously and we monitor small changes over time to stay on top of things.

It also goes without saying that for the content we provide, we do thorough research understand both market and product completely.

Most of the digital marketing services India has to offer employs tools and services that are entirely market-based such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Join the club of visionaries and entrepreneurs at SEOElixir and let us guide your business in the right direction.

Product marketing

Sometimes the best way to build a brand is by developing brand awareness through individual products. Our digital advertising methods will get you in front of the people who need your services today. The most basic form of advertising is through social media sites. But as time progresses, we introduce press releases to boost the image of the company. We also have experts in graphic design and video content creation to really reach out to the crowd. The digital world brings millions of potential clients within reach with ease. Do not miss out on this glorious opportunity.

Business Plan

The only good way to keep making money is by determining what sells the most and optimizing it to the fullest. At least to start off with. The best way to obtain more customers without incurring huge bills on advertising is by engaging the customers in activities that they would like spend time on. SEOElixir will formulate superb strategies to get it done at minimal cost. We do not take all our clients’ money – only what is necessary. We believe that we can make more money only when our clients make more money.

"Our Online Sales Doubled in Just 18 months"

– Deep Bannerjee,
CEO KNotforSale India

"We had a roadmap Ready for Execution in under 48hrs"

– Divi Co.

"Divi truly understood our users"

– Divi Co.

Business Strategy

We make sure that you grow bit by bit every single day. Never waste a penny of your hard earned money with a proper strategy.



We work lightning fast in our services. Our team of enthusiastic professionals know exactly how to get the job done quickly.

Flexible Fee Structure

Pay only what is required in stages as the operations proceed. This way we both earn profits quickly without any cause of friction.

INformation Tech

We use only top notch software tools for our clients. In fact, we use the exact same standards of excellance for everyone.

Outstanding Design

Our design modules are not just pretty to look at. They are robust, efficient, dependable, and did we mention affordable?

Human Resources

No resource like the human resource. We have teams of professionals who specialize in different tasks for maximum results.

Our Process

Let us walk you step-by-step through the gold standards of our operational motifs.

1. Inquiry

This is the step where we ask you exactly what you need to get done, your deadlines, some smaller details. Once that is done, we move on to the next step before telling you the full cost of the operation.

2. Market Research

We survey the market and give you a detailed analysis of the competition, what keywords you are likely to use for SEO, and only then do we submit the full cost. This way, you know exactly what you are paying for.

3. Deeper Research

After the preliminaries are dealt with, we dive into deeper research. Be it for website design, SEO, content writing, or digital marketing, we do our homework. This background process goes alongside our other work to save time.

4. Launch

That is almost everything covered. Anything else you need can be dealt with on the go, even after launching the project. Of course, web design, SEO, content writing, and digital marketing all take different timelines, but we will get things done on time.

Let us help you grow Your business

Any time you need our services, or have some questions about us, you can reach out to us right from here.

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